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We're there for your emergency services 24/7

Outside of shop hours, our expert technicians at A&M Truck Tire Service Inc., receive emergency calls directly. You will hear no answering machines, no answering services, no pagers. Our friendly, expert technicians pick up the phone and then take care of your emergency. Our quick response service helps you increase your uptime productivity.  Call 215-547-9442 or 215-957-5060.

We get you back on the road FAST

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For your peace of mind, you will speak directly to one of our on-call technicians coming out to you when you call for service guaranteed.  

You can trust our more than 15 years of quality experience.

We know that unforeseen things can happen while

your trucks are hauling time-sensitive freight. With our exceptional service, we are more than well-prepared for such an emergency.


When those tire-related emergencies cause your trucks to pull over on the side of the road, A&M Truck Tire Service Inc., specializes in getting them back up and running with our team of professional technicians. Call 215-547-9442 or 215-957-5060.


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